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Virtual Team Meeting


MSAMUN Online Conference


"Is 2020 a lockdown to the SDGs?"

      In light of recent events, the entire world had been infected with a deadly virus, and with rising tension between nations worldwide, the world has been brought to a global halt. This period of uncertainty holds a lot of questions that remain unanswered. The world is on the brink of an economic recession, countries are incomplete lockdown due to the rapid and vicious spread of the virus and foreign affairs are in a state of complete cessation. The future never looked so unsure; The world is facing an impeccable threat. This is the theme that we have chosen, to discuss all the current problems, the potential solutions, and the state of our unknown future.


Security Council Logo.png

United Nations

Security Council

"The Ongoing Crisis in Libya"

       A conflict traced back to the Arab Spring movement and the lethal NATO bombings that left the country in ruins, the ongoing Libyan crisis is now between two sides, Haftar’s LNA and the UN-backed GNA, who are vying to take control.

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United Nations Development Programme

"The Global Goals vs. the Global Pandemic: A Struggle for Survival"

      In the wake of the global pandemic, many groups were put at unprecedented risk. healthcare, economic stability, and inequalities in many fields are only a fraction of what the world had to deal with lately.

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United Nations Economic and Social Council

"The Enigma of Our Future Global Economy"

           According to the IMF, all of the G7 nations will enter a deep recession in the near future due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is following the 2019 global economic slowdown that took place due to the rapid rate of unemployment which is predicted to be at 10% by the second quarter of 2020.




Press Council

International Monetary Fund

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