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Our Conferences

MSAMUN offers a variety of different conferences to target different segments and a larger number of people who are willing to learn and develop. 


Every year in the heart of MSA university,

MSA Model United Nations provides an annual conference for its University students where they get to debate over several international political, economic, or social issues. 

Camel and Pyramids

MSAMNC is the first of its kind National Conference gathering diverse delegates from different models across Egypt under the same roof.

High School

The Junior MSA Model United Nations is an annual high school level simulation where students from all high schools in Egypt are gathered under one roof where they debate the major issues of the international political agenda.

Online Conference

Online Workshop

A unique experience that has been witnessed for the first time ever in MSAMUN. In an era where the technology has been doing the impossible especially in a year where the quarantine has imposed itself due to the COVID-19. With pleasure, MSAMUN is offering an innovative exceptional experience while being at home to tackle and debate on major issues of international political agendas.

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